Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Its a Utah Thang

Fry sauce I LOVE it, nuttin is better with fries and on burgers BUT when I went to school in California back in 86 I asked for fry sauce and my cousin looked at me like I was A NUTCASE lol.. This particular fry sauce is from Astro Burger..dang I love their food hehe.. my fat belly proves it

To try your own here is a recipe

2/3 C mayo
1/3 C ketchup

to add a little zip try adding a splash of pickle juice or lemon juice. Also I hear worcestershire sauce or A-1 sauce are tasty..how about a little horseradish or even bbq sauce. try it you will like it


Rachelle said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my Blog today!

I grew up on this sauce!! I even remember eating it with the abalone my dad used to catch. Yes, they are Utahans also. ;)

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I too am born and raised in utah. We my husband and myself come from West Valley and both went to Cyprus...don't tell anyone..lol...but have been living here in Washington on and off since 1986..He is retired military..all my family still lives there. I know that fry sauce...we used to get it at ARCTIC CIRCLE...oh boy it is the best stuff. even homemade doesn't compare....What part are you from.
Thanks for the nice message on my blog too..:)

Jeanine said...

I can say that I have NEVER heard of fry sauce before! Sounds interesting!

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