Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chicken Soup

Ive been sick for the past week Grrr, I made chicken soup and it was yummy, but its gone now lol, I dont really have a recipe for this, I just boil my chicken with some onion and celery leaves also salt n pepper, remove chicken,let it cool and cut it into chunks.A;so remove the onion and celery leaf pieces. Add some chicken boullion to the water and add more water if it needs it, Add in your cut up vegetables (whatever you want) I also added rice in (too much as you can see in the pic lol) let it boil 15 or so minutes til veggies are almost done then add back in your chicken chunks. Salt and Pepper to taste add more boullion if it need it.Let simmer like 5 more minutes or til veggies and rice or noodles are done. Oh you can also use some pasta instead of rice

ps I used potatoes, carrots, celery in mine


Glenna said...

Yum! I love a good chicken soup too. It makes everything seem okay in the world, even if you're feeling yucky.

Paul Chaston said...

I really like your site theme. You do need to be careful through as your brown text is difficult to read against the background in the left and right sidebars and the central text is overwiting the right hand sidebar. However I would not be able to as well let alone better than you. Just thought I`d let you know

Paul Chaston

Oh and by the way I just happen to be a Masterchef and would very much like to be able to read, and therefore try your chicken soup recipe

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