Friday, June 13, 2008

Amish Starter Tips I have learned

I had a hard time giving away my starters, I dont know many people in my neighborhood SOOo I stuck the extras in the freezer, when I want to use one I get it out and let it thaw then treat it like its on day 2 if that makes sense, works great.

I have never had a problem when using the metal whisks or spoons I dont know why your not supposed to use them hmmm

You can use any flavor of pudding such as butterscotch, pistachio, chocolate etc..

remember to not leave any air in the bag, I thought maybe the air was good in there to help it expand but it got moldy that way so burp your bag to be safe after several days your starter will begin to smell yeasty, that is normal and what you want, it also may seem a little bubbly at times that is also normal

Write the date on your bag when you start so you can keep track of where you are in the days

Any questions please ask


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