Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ive been tagged :D how fun.. had to play along now that I actually have a little extra time lol

I've Been Tagged by JULIE of the Sporadic Cook

Random facts about me.. Not too exciting really lol

1. As a teen my walls were covered in David Lee Roth mom hated him but I LOVED him
2. I LOVE potatoes and cheese.. no wonder Im chunky
3. I WISH I could make mexican food someone teach me porfavor lol
4. I sing in the shower ALWAYS cant help it I also wake up with a song already stuck in my head
5.I wont talk on the phone
6. I hate yogurt
7. I have 4 cats and feel like a cat lady
8.I have 2 vacuums and both are dead
9.I sleep on a couch most nights because hubby sleeps in our room with his dog
10.I love to bake

OHhh also I had a stroke 8 yrs ago and have a hard time remembering things SOO I will be picking out some peeps to pass this on to tomorrow, if I dont someone give me a hollar and a kick lol


Julie said...

LOL at David Lee Roth...I think I was mostly scared of him! Thanks for playing.

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